Paula and I met in those early years and it was through Paula that we received a large donation £100k through a trust following a trip which we shared together as part of an STT conference in India in 2010 to see the impact that trafficking was having on vulnerable communities.
This gift was groundbreaking to STT. We used it over the following year to launch a new STT website which included the first iteration of mapping community information, which was again groundbreaking within a charity at the time. This was the STT footprint that has grown and developed into our tech-enabled, data-driven approach with a number of significant technology global partners including our primary long term partnership with IBM.
Paula joined with STT at this early stage, believing in our approach and pioneering in spirit.
Ruth Dearnley OBE
Stop The Traffik CEO
Felton Solicitors provided an excellent service. Highly recommended.
Dr Haidar Saad
Amazed by the personalised service I have witnessed by Paula – she genuinely gets the job done with nothing but the purest intention for her clients and works day and night to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Recommend her to all.
Hera Zamen
I have known Paula Felton for thirteen years and as a women in business I have always been so impressed that through her professionalism and hard work become she became no only an incredible accomplished lawyer but set up her own firm in an area of London dominated by male lawyers and barristers. I also know that it hasn’t been an easy journey and Paula has had to overcome many personal and professional barriers to achieve this success.
I come from a commercial background but ten years ago decided to change direction and support our communities. I created Circle Collective a charity to support unemployed young people from deprived parts of London into permanent employment. Paula has always been interested in the young people and how the charity worked, after a couple of years the charity started to struggling financial, out of the blue Paula arranged a donation that actually saved the charity from closing down. Since then we have gone on to support over five hundred young people into permeant jobs and financial independence, all of which wouldn’t have happened unless Paula had not had the insight to see how the charity was changing the lives of these amazing young people who are our future and decided to give us that financial boost at such a difficult and key time in our journey.
Circle collective was supporting young people in Westminster at the time of the donation we now support young people from Hackney, Lewisham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Islington.
Turly Humphries CEO