Family Mediation

We understand that separation and divorce is distressing and can be difficult. The main aims of our family mediation service are to help you improve communication and to facilitate a less stressful separation or divorce.


Why would you consider family mediation?


Family mediation promotes respect and healthier long-term communications.

Mediation permits you to avoid the situation where each party uses their own legal advisor to ‘fight their cause’. You are in total control of the outcome.

Mediation is for parents who wish to co-parent their children, despite their separation, and minimise the negative impact of divorce on their children.

In mediation you are both working together towards a mutual goal and will achieve your objectives through a less stressful process.

Mediation is both less expensive and quicker than going to court.

Our family mediation sessions are carried out in private and are confidential.


About our family mediation service


Austin Chessell has a level 3 diploma in counselling and a background in family law.

Austin is trained and CRB checked to work with children.

Austin is also trained as a PPC (Professional Practice Consultant).

He is accredited as a Family Mediator with the FMC and the Law Society.

We have established a collaborative community of complementary services that can support you through your divorce or separation. For example, we can connect you with counsellors, life coaches, kids coaches, divorce coaches, independent financial advisors and support groups.

Austin is able to provide MIAMs (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) or intake mediation sessions in Knightsbridge or Covent Garden.